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QQ Noodle House – Taste of Sarawak, is founded by Mr. Steven Chua in 2004.

QQ Noodle House’s principal business is to operate outlets that serve authentic Sarawak style Fuzhou noodle and other dishes in a warm, friendly and modern environment. Through the many generations, the journey began from a humble street-stall, to a coffee shop and now, a well-established eatery. Taking steps out of antiquity to the modern times throughout the years, the authentic and unforgettable taste was still preserved. QQ Noodle, can be the Kampong noodle to the people of Sarawak, is deliciously made from the freshest eggs and flour, dribbled with onion oil and generous slices of sweet pork. It is undoubtedly the best breakfast, lunch and midnight snack.

QQ Noodle House serves varieties of Noodles, Rice Dishes, Snacks and beverage including signature dishes – Sarawak Noodle, Fried QQ Noodle, Claypot Ramen, Tom Yum Noodle, Vermicelli in “Martell” Chicken Broth, Fish Ball QQ Noodle, Pork Rib “Tea” Rice Dishes and others Ala Carte Menus, in its 2 outlets at TiongBahru Plaza and Bugis. Using only traditional methods of noodle making, QQ Noodle House makes its own noodles in-house daily. QQ Noodle House believe in serving food with integrity. Furthermore, Founder Steven Chua is always looking at ways to please our customers with new and exciting noodle dishes, sauces and toppings, and is constantly experimenting with ways to add an extra dimension to the wide range of varieties offered.

Having opened a branch in Jakarta, Indonesia 2 years ago, Steven is now ready to go international. His confidence comes from 2 factors: he has 11 years of running this business in Singapore' and his restaurant is widely recognized as the most-authentic in this Sarawak style Fuzhou noodle segment of the Food and Beverage industry.

QQ面馆 - 沙捞越的味道,是由史蒂芬蔡先生于2004年创立。

QQ面馆的主要业务是经营服务于正宗的沙捞越风格福州面等菜肴在热情,友好和现代的环境网点。经过许多代,旅程从一个不起眼的街头摆摊开始,到一个咖啡厅,现在,一套行之有效的餐馆。采取措施了古代到近代这些年来,正宗的和令人难忘的味道仍然保留。 QQ面条,可甘榜面砂拉越的人民,是美味最新鲜的鸡蛋和面粉制成,运球,洋葱油和甜猪肉大方片。这无疑是最好的早餐,午餐和消夜。

QQ面馆供应面条,米饭菜肴,小吃品种和饮料,包括招牌菜 - 沙捞越面条,油炸面QQ ,煲仔饭拉面,冬荫面,米线中的“马爹利”鸡汤,鱼丸QQ面条,排骨“茶经”米饭和其他点菜菜单,在其2网点TiongBahru广场和武吉士。只使用传统制面方法, QQ面馆每天让自己的面条内部。 QQ面馆相信在服务食品与完整性。此外,方正史蒂芬蔡一直在寻找方法来取悦我们的客户提供新的和令人兴奋的面食,酱料和配料,并不断与方法,一个额外的维度添加到广泛的品种提供了实验。