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QQ Noodle's Journey

It has been a transition journey of 50 years and 3 generations so far- From the initial street hawking to a primitive noodle stall, followed by setting up a small stall inside a retro coffee shop, the journey of Kampua Noodles is still going on strong at the current humble restaurant.

Hailing from Sibu, Sarawak, Kampua Noodles is a ubiquitous dish that is eaten at all time of the day. It is tossed in onion oil and topped with sliced sweet pork, minced pork, spring onions, and deep-fried shallots.


Constant Innovation

Mr Steven Chua, the 3rd generation in a family of noodle makers, has been able to keep the authentic taste and fragrance of the house specialty since opening QQ Noodle House back in 2003. The in-house made noodles are not only produced on a daily basis from the freshest eggs and flour that he can lay his hands on, they are crafted carefully to achieve a springy texture as well. As he is also determined in making his noodles healthy, no preservatives are being used in the noodles at all.

Constantly experimenting with new, exciting sauces and toppings, Mr Steven Chua is always looking to add extra dimensions to the current range of flavours in a bid to satisfy different taste buds!